Thanks for investing the time to read this far into our site about our premiere case management system, The Attorney Case File.
The only way to show you the incredible depth, breadth, and detail contained within our simple, low-cost system is to share a few bits and pieces with you.
Below you’ll find links to our two sample sets which are housed in educational ebooks we’ve created to not only showcase some of our form sets, but to also help make your law office lives a little bit easier, which is our main goal in the first place.
The Trial Notebook,” in addition to containing 18 sample forms from the “Trial Notebook” component of the system, is a helpful tool that will help you organize your case for presentation in a court of law.  Through The Attorney Case File we provide you a lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour.  This small Trial Notebook sample set in and of itself will save you several hours of prep time!  Click below to download.
Case Management 101,” with 9 sample forms from the “Investigation Workbook,” is a small how-to guide for organizing a thorough, detailed, and efficient investigation.  In cases requiring an investigation one of two things usually happens.  One, in-house staff is usually tasked with the bulk of the investigation, or two, the case is assigned to an outside investigator.  If in-house staff is used, they’ll need a set of detailed tools that will act as a fill-in-the-blank “case in a box” so they can complete a successful investigation.  If an outside investigator is hired, they’ll need established parameters and they’ll also need tools that will ensure their professional image as they represent your firm in the course of their activities.  In either event, the “Investigation Workbook” will be worth its weight in gold, and, like the “Trial Notebook” ebook above, will save you several hours of prep time in organizing your investigation.  Click below to download.

Case Management 101 EBook

The Trial Notebook