The Attorney Case File System
What makes us the "Ultimate Case Management System?"  Two things:  One, we offer a lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour.  Two, Our product is the only one on the market offering full user customization in a three-component package focused on actual law office work and not just simple filings or invoicing alone.



The Three Components:

Case / Client Workbook
The case revolves around the client and their needs.  This workbook makes sure you gather every detail about your client and every associated step, billable hour, and nuance of the case itself.

Investigation Workbook
Many cases will involve an investigation.  If you rely on in-house staff, this workbook is their "investigation in a box."

Trial Notebook
Regardless whether your day in court is a simple hearing or a criminal or civil trial involving a jury, the Trial Notebook will help ensure you have all details accounted for.



























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The Ultimate Case Management System


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The Attorney Case File

"A lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour."



Expand Your Profit Margin

Organize Your Office

Manage More Cases


All with one incredibly useful set of tools:


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Case Management for Today's Law Office

The Attorney Case File offers full flexibility and incredible detail for handling most any type case your office handles.  It provides equal attention and focus to civil or criminal, family or corporate, tax or tort, plaintiff or defendant, court or office, and is indispensable for case management at any level of expertise, and in any size office.


The primary goal of the Attorney Case File is to make your law office or legal service everything it can be and to make you more successful in the process.  


We're absolutely sure this is a desire shared by you as well.  In fact, we think The  Attorney Case File is exactly what you're wanting and needing:


The Attorney Case File Is:

  • The most economical and best price/value case management system available.

  • A case management system set up for the nuts and bolts of working your cases.

  • A flexible system that can work civil or criminal, plaintiff or defendant, and more.

  • A tool that will actually improve your efficiency.

  • A tool that will enhance your professional image.

  • A tool that will pay for itself almost immediately.

  • Fully customizable by the user.

  • Strong enough to be a stand-alone system.

  • Flexible enough for portions to be incorporated into other systems.

  • Easy to use.

  • A one-time-payment product.  There are NO additional fees of any kind.


The Attorney Case File is also:

  • Not complicated software that will cause conflicts on your system.

  • Not difficult to learn.

  • Not a lead-in to other products (you get everything you need in one package).

  • Not subject to user fees, station fees, subscription fees, or other cost add-ons.

  • Not subject to scheduled obsolescence.

  • Not completely explainable in just a few bullet points.  There's a lot to us.  Please visit the rest of our site.


How can we provide you these benefits?


We help you reach your goals by providing the best law office and case management package focused on the pertinent details of a case and the operations of a law office. 


This three-component package covers everything you need starting with new client intake, through billable hours, legal research, a full and complete investigation, all the way through creating a comprehensive trial notebook if your case involves court.


You'll save time, save money, and look even more professional in the process.  In short, your profit margin will increase.


The best part of all, with our combination of depth, breadth, detail, and flexibility, coupled with a price tag of only $249.95, The Attorney Case File has no equal at this level of price / value. 


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