The Attorney Case File System
What makes us the "Ultimate Case Management System?"  Two things:  One, we offer a lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour.  Two, Our product is the only one on the market offering full user customization in a three-component package focused on actual law office work and not just simple filings or invoicing alone.



The Three Components:

Case / Client Workbook
The case revolves around the client and their needs.  This workbook makes sure you gather every detail about your client, their needs, and every associated step, billable hour, and nuance of the case itself.

Investigation Workbook
Many cases will involve an investigation.  If you rely on in-house staff, this workbook is their "investigation in a box."

Trial Notebook
Regardless whether your day in court is a simple hearing or a criminal or civil trial involving a jury, the Trial Notebook will help ensure you have all details accounted for.




















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The Ultimate Case Management System


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The Attorney Case File

"A lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour."

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Please note.  The Attorney Case File is a product we developed for our friends in the legal profession; an upper-echelon, dignified calling and we will treat you and all our customers accordingly.  We will not try to "up sell" you, tack on hidden fees, or do anything at all to insult your intelligence or our professionalism.  Our job here is to help make you better at what you do by providing the detailed tools carried by no one else.  We appreciate you and wanted you to know that.  As a small addition to what you'll be receiving...


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We Have Bonuses


Not only do we provide you one of the most versatile case management systems available, we've included a few extras:

A.  We've added a searchable links collection to over 2,000 legal and investigative websites.

B.  For our friends just starting out or with smaller firms, we've added an invoice file written in Microsoft Excel.


While you're on this page, here are a few final reminders about the product you're about to purchase*.

1.      The Attorney Case File will be sent as a digital product.

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3.      We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.


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*Since The Attorney Case File is a software package, your "purchase" is a license.
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The Attorney Case File is a customizable set of tools intended to act as a framework for the utilization of your legal training and expertise.  It is up to the user to know, understand, and comply with local, state, and federal laws as they apply to the acquisition, utilization, and safeguarding of the data this system allows you to organize.  InfoQuest makes no claim as to the either the legality of your activities or the financial success of your business.  We only warrant that The Attorney Case File is a very comprehensive, highly detailed, and superbly professional set of tools that will help you as much as your expertise allows.