This section helps you track all client background information and documentation; game planning, theory, and "to do lists;" opposing client and counsel data; background and discovery; witnesses, interrogatories, and depositions; case law and statutory law research; time and expense billing; communication and correspondence; filings, motions, pleadings, and inter-office communication; clerical activity and case conclusion checklists; and more.
For the newcomer to the legal profession this workbook provides an entire case in a fill-in-the-blank checklist that helps you display your professionalism to the client, makes you more efficient, and prevents you from missing important detail.
For the seasoned veteran, this workbook provides an organized template to record the details you know to go after, it makes it much, much easier to delegate important assignments to those working with you and under you, and it saves you valuable billable hours every time you use it.
Some of the many sections and forms contained in this workbook are:


The Client and Case

  • Client Intake - Civil Case    
  • Client Intake - Criminal Case  
  • Client Intake - General
  • Master Litigants List    
  • History Sheet (Background)    
  • Index of Materials
  • Activity and Billing

Billable Hours/ Cost Tracker    

  • Hours Tracker Addendum    
  • General Addendum

The Opposition

  • Opposing Client    
  • Opposing Counsel    
  • History Sheet (Background)
  • Master Litigants List    
  • Discovery    
  • General Addendum

Case Gameplan

  • General "To Do" Planner    
  • Activity Planner    
  • Briefs & Memos
  • Eight Week Planner    
  • Annual Planner    
  • Case Event Timeline 

Legal Research

  • Case Law Research    
  • Statutory Law Research    
  • Research Addendum

Witnesses and Depositions

  • Witness Section Organizer    
  • Client's Witness Data  
  • Opposition's Witness Data

Filings & Documents

  • Pleadings & Motions Tracker    
  • Document Prep Tracker    
  • General Addendum

Clerical & Communication

  • Clerical Checklist    
  • Subpoena List    
  • Contacts Register
  • Single Site Contact Log    
  • Correspondence Log    
  • Outside Vendors Log