Q: Is The Attorney Case File a one-time-payment package, a renewable license, or a monthly subscription?
A: It's a one-time-payment package.  At InfoQuest, we believe in giving you everything you need up front, in one package, at an extremely reasonable price.

Q:  Which areas of law is this system designed for? 
A:  All of them.  If you have clients, procedures, and billable hours this system will work for you.  We cover civil, criminal, and general procedural cases in either adversarial or non-adversarial situations. 
Q:  Is this system for "newbies" or experienced legal professionals?
A:  Both.  The system can act as a massive checklist so that the new person won't miss important detail, and yet it provides an extremely effective organizational tool for the seasoned veteran who already knows exactly what information to locate.

Q:  Is The Attorney Case File a database? 
A:  No, it’s better than that.  Though we live in a computerized world, ours is an industry revolving around information, notes, and documentation.   We designed The Attorney Case File to give you an easy to use, fill-in-the-blank case management system that will standardize and organize all your written notes and help you better utilize ANY database you may choose.  This is extremely important for the attorney who needs to put all of the firm’s personnel on one standard format so that data gathering, file reassignment, case review and data entry are uniform, and organized.
Q:  Can The Attorney Case File be used on-screen in softcopy format? 
A:  Of course!  The system contains unlocked wordprocessor files.  You can print these out, or you can fill them in on screen and save as a new file.  You can also customize the files with your letterhead, logos, etc.  Furthermore, wordprocessor files in and of themselves act as mini-databases and the contents are searchable from most file management programs.
Q.  Can this be used as a hard-copy system? 
A: Absolutely.  We wanted to give you this option for a number of reasons:  One, versatility.  You can toss a hardcopy file in a briefcase and use it anywhere at any time for any size case.  Two, economy.  Unfortunately, very few offices can afford to equip each staff member with laptops or other devices that connect to a networked database flexible enough to be used in each and every scenario.  And three, simplicity.  As our “software” is primarily wordprocessor files, there are no "system requirements,”, software conflicts, training, or tech support necessary.
Q:  Can I customize any of these workbooks? 
A:  Definitely.  In fact we’ve included the unlocked wordprocessor files for that reason.  You can alter any of the forms as you see fit, add your logo or letterhead, print out the whole thing at once, or select certain forms or sections to print.  (Or again, you can fill these in on-screen to use as a softcopy system.)
Q:  Is this a system or just a collection of forms? 
A:  It’s a system that is made of interrelated forms organized into focused sections having specific functions.  The advantage is two-fold.  You can use our system as-is, or you can utilize individual forms or sections with any other system you may be using.  
Q:  Can I determine how to best use this system?
A:  Certainly.  In fact, we intentionally designed this system to be flexible enough to be disassembled and used as you see fit.  The system is strong enough to be used as a stand-alone case management system, it can be the "data organizer" you use to facilitate data entry into an existing software-based program, or it can be used piece by piece and incorporated into any existing system you may already use in your office.
Q:  How many copies of The Attorney Case File can I print?  
A:  How much paper do you have?  There is no limit.  Once you buy The Attorney Case File it’s yours*.  There’s nothing else to buy from us.  There are no upgrades or “refills.”  You can print as many copies as your one office will ever need.  We do have one restriction that you can only utilize The Attorney Case File for the single address that ordered it.  Copyright laws are the only other restriction.  This is part of InfoQuest's "One and Done" philosophy of providing everything you need in one package.
Q:  Speaking of paper, shouldn’t we conserve paper? 
A:   Even though this can be used as a hardcopy system, it helps you save paper.  One detailed form will hold as much information as several sheets of legal pad.  Also, the amount of detail in each form prevents you from losing data and starting over.  Most importantly though, you can certainly use this system in softcopy format since it's composed of wordprocessor files.
Q:  How many users are included in the license? 
A:  The only restriction is a per-address use.  You only need one copy of The Attorney Case File for one physical address.  It doesn’t matter how many users you have at that location.  However, other offices and other addresses will need to purchase a copy of their own.  At our low price though, that’s easy to do. (But if you're an educational institution please contact us for our scholastic pricing options.)
Q:  Is there anything else of interest included? 
A:  Oh yes!  First, we included a "Bonus Library" of investigative training manuals to help you with any sort of investigation you may undertake in-house.  Also, as the internet is an indispensable to the law office we’ve included a collection of over 3400 links to legal industry websites.  We’ve basically done 6 months worth of “surfing” for you. The links collection alone is worth the price of our system.  Also, for those who haven’t invested in invoicing software we’ve included a professional looking invoice file written in Excel.
Q:  We teach case management at a law or paralegal school.  Would this be useful to us?
A:  Very much so.  While several of the major players in the high-end software industry have provided samples to schools so students can learn to operate their software, the emphasis should still be placed on the gathering of pertinent info and its immediate organization.  This ability lends itself well to any office setting and it's exactly what we can help you teach.  Contact us directly for bulk pricing and student options.
Q:  How much is your system? 
A:  Although it’s a complete system, although there’s nothing else to every buy from us, and although it will last your firm forever, our complete system is priced less than the national average of an Attorney’s rate for one hour's work.  The Attorney Case File’s full retail price is only  $249.95.  As we said from the beginning, we offer you a lifetime of case management for the price of one billable hour!