The investigation workbook provides a complete "investigation in a box" to either assist your in-house staff with the details of a thorough investigation or to help you set specific parameters for outside vendors.
Just as The Attorney Case File overall is set to work virtually any type of case, its Investigation Workbook portion is capable of working any type of investigation.
The highly detailed tools contained in this component are the result of years of experience from professional investigators.  These tools provide the framework and content necessary to launch an investigation starting with case and client background, through witness interview and affidavit tools, surveillance reports, witness locates, crime scene analysis, business asset and due diligence, and much, much, more. 
Some of the many sections and forms contained in this workbook are:

Case & Subject

  • Subject Data File 
  • Subject Micro File    
  • General Addendum

Investigative Data Sheets

  • Missing Persons / Locates  
  • Wrongful Death  
  • Auto Accident
  • Fire / Arson    
  • Crime Scene Analysis    
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Theft    
  • Surveillance    
  • Property Inventory

Theory & Gameplan

  • General "To-Do" Planner  
  • Sources Checklist    
  • Activity Planner
  • Client's Contact List    
  • Opposition's Contact List    
  • Case Event Timeline

Data & Activity

  • Data Acquisition Tracker    
  • Billable Hours & Expenses    
  • Billable Activity Journal



Clerical & Reports

  • Activity / Agent Scheduler    
  • Report Blank    
  • Daily Report to Client
  • Case Clerical Checklist    
  • Master Case Roster    
  • Investigations Disclaimer

Witness Interview

  • Witness Organizer Log    
  • Interview Protocol    
  • Interviewee Rights
  • Witness Acknowledgement    
  • Witness Dossier    
  • Interview Transcript Blank

And many more.
For samples of these forms click on the "Case Management 101" ebook that we wrote for investigators and include as part of the Investigation Workbook.
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Note:  If you are a private investigator and do not work in a law office setting, and you would like the Investigation Workbook, we offer this as a stand-alone product. Go to