The Trial Notebook can be used as a stand-alone trial notebook or as a template to organize the materials gathered while using the Case & Client Workbook and the Investigation Workbook.  This simple to use and highly detailed tool will save you hours upon hours of work (and headache) in preparation for a court appearance, whether you have a simple hearing or a full jury trial.  This notebook alone is worth the price of the entire package.
This notebook focuses on the trial-specific nature of your case and helps you organize its presentation and all your other court-related material such as legal research, discovery materials, jury selection notes, court journals, opening and closing statements, and more.  And, this component will help set you up for success whether you're entering a criminal or civil court, or whether you represent the plaintiff or prosecution, or the defense.
Though not all cases wind up in court, this is one tool that is much better to have and not need than to need and not have.  Therefore, it's an integral component of this system.  (Remember, the Trial Notebook, just like the other workbooks in this system has unlimited usage.  It's yours forever, once you buy our complete package.)
Some of the many sections and forms contained in this workbook are:


Case: Ours

  • Witness Schedule    
  • Evidence Log    
  • Support Briefs

Case: Opposition's

  • Discovery    
  • Impeachment Briefs    
  • General Addendum


  • Opening Statements    
  • Closing Statements    
  • General Addendum
  • Opposition's Opening Remarks    
  • Opp's Closing Statements  
  • General Addendum

Judge & Jury

  • Juror Questionnaire    
  • Jury Seating Chart / Notes    
  • Judge Profile
  • Motions & Court Journal

Trial Motions Log    

  • Daily Journal Template    
  • Journal Addendum
  • Pleadings & Motions    
  • Memoranda    
  • Opposition's Filings

And more.
Samples of a few of these forms are located in our "Trial Notebook" ebook; a 42-page free tutorial to help you create and organize a thorough and professional trial notebook.  It's our way of saying thank you to our friends in the legal profession.
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to read this ebook.  You can download Adobe for free at